Active Hands

Active Hands’ products are suitable for a wide range of activities and can support those with a wide range of disabilities affecting the hand and arm.

For Adults

General Purpose gripping aids are essential for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about. Whether you’ve had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or have any condition which reduces your hand function, our aids could unlock any number of activities for you:

  • Working out in the gym (e.g. holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
  • Playing on the Nintendo Wii
  • DIY at home (using a saw or hammer)
  • Holding a pool or snooker cue
  • Rowing or Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Holding a glass or bottle

For children

Active Hands make a colourful mini aid designed especially for children. The sections below give you more ideas about how our gripping aids can be used to give your children more access to life.


Play is such an important part of a child’s development – they learn many skills necessary for life through play. For children with disabilities that affect hand function it can be difficult to join in with activities due to lack of grip. Active Hands gripping aids gently pull your child’s hand into a gripping shape allowing them to take part in the same activities that their peers are enjoying.


Children with hand function weakness can struggle to get a grip on toys or can accidentally let go of them when they haven’t finished playing with them. Active Hands’ gripping aids can help your child to keep a hold on those toys until they want to stop playing with them.

The gripping aids can be used to assist with children’s emotional development too. They can enable children to hold cuddly toys and can be used to help with holding hands.


Shake a shaker, jingle some bells, bang a drum! Become part of the band when you can grip the handle of the shaker or bells, or hold the claves or beater.


Although we realise that a lot of children’s therapy happens through play and leisure activities we felt it important to have a section for those who are involved in physiotherapy and occupational therapy working with children.

Independent Activities

The Active Hands mission statement is to help those with hand function weakness to perform independent tasks. As children grow they need to learn to do things for themselves. The Active Hands gripping aids can help children to perform activities for themselves – such as self-feeding.

Social Skills

Children love to join in with play activities but for those with hand function weakness joining in can be difficult. The Active Hands gripping aids take away the hurdle of not being able to grip allowing children to participate. They can grip onto a wide variety of equipment such as; toys, games equipment, instruments, gardening tools etc. This helps a child to be included in the team or group and learn to work alongside other children.

Physical Development

A child who has one weak side will often default to using their stronger hand, this can make it difficult to improve strength in the weaker side. Putting a toy or instrument in the other hand with a Mini gripping aid can encourage the child to use the weak side more.

The Active Hands gripping aids are great for use with a wide variety of exercise and rehabilitation equipment such as exercise machines, anti-gravity machines, walkers or gym equipment.

Active Hands mini and General Purpose aids are not only great for those with weak hand grip but they also have a role to play with those who struggle to maintain a grip on handle bars, such as those with dystonia. Active Hands had a grandfather get in touch with us to let us know how his grandson, Parker had benefitted from our gripping aids.


Active Hands make mini gripping aids for children aged up to 5, to help them to join in with the activities that their peers are taking part in. Our small General Purpose gripping aids are great for those over the age of 5.

Bikes, Trikes & Ride-Ons

From a young age children love to ride on toys with wheels, whether that is a ride-on plastic tractor or a ‘proper’ bike. However, if a child cannot make or maintain a grip on the handle bars steering can be a big problem! Active Hand’s Mini gripping aids can allow your child to grip onto an adaptive trike or bike handlebars. Giving them the freedom to steer independently.

We would recommend supervision of children on adaptive bikes and trikes. The gripping aids can be done up loosely so that your child can slide their hands off the handlebars if necessary.


Children love to help out grown ups and gardening is a great activity to do together. It’s exciting for children to see things that they have planted grow and produce flowers or fruit/vegetables. This activity is made more difficult if children struggle with their grip. The Active Hands Mini or small General Purpose gripping aids can give children a firm grip on tools such as trowels, hand-forks, wheelbarrows and watering cans – allowing children with hand function weakness to take part in the activity.

Sports & Games

Most children enjoy being part of a team, whether that is a football team, hockey team or badminton team. The Active Hands gripping aids can help those with hand function weakness to get a grasp on equipment needed to play games, whether that is at a competitive level or just to play in the park or garden. We even had one girl use a small general purpose aid to help her fence!

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