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Delivering aged care services for multicultural Australia - part 2


The second story in this three part series about aged care services for multicultural Australia, looks at some of the issues for migrants who live in rural areas – in particular, the migrants living in Lightning Ridge in north-west New South Wales.

Australia’s first dementia friendly airport takes off


Alzheimer’s Australia has named Brisbane Airport as Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport with the launch of an airport guide for travellers with dementia.

Users to experience physical effects of dementia with virtual tour


Australian carers and caregivers for people with dementia will soon be able to experience the physical and mental challenges of dementia for themselves via the patented sensory tools and instructions in the Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT®).

Calls to safeguard the future of housing for older Australians


The looming housing crisis faced by older Australians is complex and multifaceted. Rising rental prices, the increasing number of seniors retiring with a mortgage, the vulnerability of single older women, and an inadequate supply of appropriate housing all contribute…

Aged care offers opportunities for job seekers and career changers


Last month there were 36 percent new job advertisements listed for the aged and disability support sector, compared to the same period last year according to the latest data from job-listing website SEEK. 

Government calls for feedback on regulations review


Aged care recipients, their families, health and aged care service providers, regulators and key experts and any other stakeholders are invited to make submissions to the Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes. 

Creating a gift fit for the Queen


In a bid to join the generations together for a project to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd birthday and 65 years as Head of the Commonwealth next year, CommonAge, the organisation linking the aged care sector across Commonwealth countries, has launched an int…

Australia leading in global dementia advancements but needs national strategy


Australia is leading the way in many ways on a global level, but still needs its own dementia strategy says Maree McCabe, the Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Australia.

Delivering aged care services for multicultural Australia - part 1


Communication issues, differences in culture and traumatic life experiences are just some of the challenges aged care services need to overcome to help meet the needs of Australia’s ageing migrants.

Synovum Care Bellmere facility to provide 'inclusive' dementia care


Synovum Care is preparing to open the world’s first inclusive village for residents with dementia and other complex needs in Bellmere, Queensland before the end of the year. 

News from Every Australian Counts

Just. Wow.


Only one week ago a delegation of Every Australia Counts supporters sat with Senator Pauline Hanson to talk about the NDIS and why we need an inclusive Australia for people with disability. This just makes her comments yesterday even more disappointing.

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The PC has listened and spoken


The Productivity Commission this week released early findings in its review into the costs of the NDIS – and while there is good news about support for the scheme, there are plenty of things to fix.

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A huge day at Parliament House


Every Australian Counts supporters hit Parliament House yesterday to urge our politicians to fully fund the NDIS ASAP. What a huge day it was!

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Every day counts!


Here they are, your 365 reasons why full funding for the NDIS counts every day of the year.

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Breaking: NDIA vows to “get it right”


The NDIA today provided an update on what it’s doing to make it easier for people with disability, their families, carers and disability service providers to navigate the NDIS.

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Tell us why you need the NDIS fully funded, every day


There is a heap of argy bargy going on in Canberra right now over how to fully fund the NDIS. It’s time to remind decision makers why it’s so important.

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See you Andrew!


It’s time to say goodbye to one of Every Australian Counts number one campaigners and supporters Andrew Gibson.

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#Budget2017: NDIS update


The good news is this week both major parties have argued for fully funding the NDIS. The bad news is they aren’t agreeing on how. Here’s a run down.

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#Budget2017: the reaction


While not everyone agreed that a funding gap existed, there’s been overwhelming support so far for the Government’s plans to fully fund the NDIS through an increase in the Medicare Levy. Here’s a snap shot of the responses.

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A fully funded NDIS: certainty for every Australian


Treasurer Scott Morrison tonight confirmed the government will fully fund the NDIS beyond 2019.

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