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Impact increased by ‘sandwich caring’ and generational spread


Caring roles are often varied and unique but a number of modern day trends are starting to form and are now in the spotlight following on from National Carers Week 2017 (15-21 October) and the 7th International Carers Conference (4-6 October).

Reform for the future at the heart of aged care funding review


Conversations and concerns around the financial future and sustainability of the growing aged care sector have once again been raised following the release of a new report into aged care funding.

South Australian and Malaysian aged care comes together


A more collaborative and innovative approach to aged care is the goal behind the signing of an international Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Australian aged care provider ACH Group and Malaysian based provider Aged Care Group.

Under-diagnosis of osteoporosis a risk for older Australians


The prevalence and under-diagnosis of osteoporosis among older Australians and the associated risks are among the concerns being raised and addressed as part of Australia’s World Osteoporosis Day campaign.

Victoria one step closer to voluntary assisted dying law


History is being made in Victoria following the Legislative Assembly’s vote this morning, which saw the passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 without any amendments.

New appointment to Leading Aged Services Australia board


With an extensive history in health and social care on a predominantly executive level, ECH Chief Executive David Panter, alongside Seasons Aged Care’s Chief Executive Officer Nick Loudon, who has more than 35 years clinical and executive management experience, hav…

Fighting loneliness and isolation with friendship


If you ask 79-year-old Carol Inglis and 78-year-old Carol Jackson, the power of friendship among older Australians is a force to be reckoned with.

The search for seniors living ideas is on


New ideas to enable older people to continue to engage and enjoy their lifestyle are being sought as part of a Seniors Living Innovation research project.

AIM Software is there for aged care


SPONSORED STORY - The aged care industry is one that is ever changing and now, with the number of Australians aged over 65 anticipated to grow over the coming 10-20 years, up-to-date technology and software for providers is more important than ever.

Technology to drive independence in older Australians


Older Australians could be some of the first in the country to benefit from driverless car technology thanks to a new partnership.

News from Every Australian Counts

So What Did the PC Say About the NDIS?


The Productivity Commission report into the NDIS is very detailed – it’s more than 500 pages long!

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EAC Supporters Say NO Way – NO Delay


The Productivity Commission has released its report into the National Disability Insurance Scheme this morning.

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Making the NDIS More User Friendly


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) announced this morning they are making some changes to the NDIS to try and make the scheme more user friendly.

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Thanks John!


After seven years, Every Australian Counts Campaign Director John Della Bosca is moving on to new adventures.

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NDIS marks 100K


The government has announced that 100,000 Australians with disability are now in the NDIS.

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Breaking: is a deal close on NDIS funding?


Treasurer Scott Morrison has announced he will today introduce legislation into Parliament to lock-in full funding for the NDIS, saying he’s confident of securing support from the Senate cross bench.

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Ivory smashed it! 😍😍


A letter from nine-year-old Ivory Clark made national headlines when she spoke up for thousands of children with autism in the classroom.

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New face at the helm of NDIA: The reaction


A new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed by the National Disability insurance Agency (NDIA) to guide the NDIS during its critical transition period to full coverage across Australia over the next three years.

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A new chapter for accessible books in Australia


In good news for avid readers with vision impairment, Australia is on the verge of a braille book boom.

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Why every day counts


This weekend marks one year since the full roll out of the NDIS began. While there are good news stories about improved life outcomes, there’s still a long way to go until the NDIS is the one that was promised for all.

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