ELISPOON enables independent eating for people with limited hand and arm mobility such as Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Post-stroke deficits and Huntington’s disease.
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Product Description


How is ELISpoon different from regular spoons?

ELISpoon is easy to use.Whatever movement of the wrist is performed, the bowl of the spoon remains horizontal and keeps the food in place. The material used is lightweight and strong. A key characteristic is the spoon’s affordability. There are no electrical components or batteries, making it carry anywhere and to clean. ELISpoon is a product designed and built to ease the life of the users and their love.

What is the benefit of using ELISpoon?

Using ELISpoon, the individual gains self confidence and recovers a sense of control. Everyone should enjoy and share moments of conviviality at the dining table, which in essence brings people together and blurs differences. That’s what Eli is about. Helping individuals achieve an ability to participate in basic commonplace daily activity

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SKU 52840